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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

6 Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy

6 Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this Summer is much more than eating lettuce, drinking water and doing sports. Although there are a total of 5 clear or correct rules of 6 do's and don'ts - they are not simple to follow but the main thing is health, right?

6 Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy


No food that answers junk food is worthy of getting into your digestive system unless you're in the middle of the desert, or stuck on a desert island with chips and Big Mac - and to sum it up only when the other option is to die of starvation. (Which is most unhealthy) Imagine junk food.

And when we talk about junk food, we mean mostly: sausages, industrial fries and fries, drinks that only Gd and Raffi know what is really in them, food-rich sweets and margarine-rich pastries. The actual meaning of the digit zero is that you cannot eat "from time to time". This is a book that is not implicitly two-sided.

6 Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy


Exercise once a day. Exercise can be done for an hour, but it is also possible for five minutes. Provided you exercise every day. It is possible to start a few minutes of physical activity and every three days, add five minutes to you - this is a test method that works.

It is important that you choose your favorite physical activity. So if your neighbor likes to walk and you are boring, do not go for it. Choose exercise in advance that you know you can keep up with. Most importantly, listen to your body! For example, you came to aerobics, because everyone swore to you that this is the most fun thing there is. 

Notice: If you feel terrible pain at the end of the lesson, leave and look for another type of exercise.

6 Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy


If you were wondering how much water you should drink a day? So now remember the digit 2 and prepare 2 liters of water for you. Yes every day you need and even have to drink 2 liters water. Now the question is, why make it hard to drink water? 

1.  Water is the major component of the cell contents in our body. 

2.  They are used as a solvent for most substances in the body. 

3.  They give the body its volume. 

4. Most of the metabolic activities take place in an aquatic environment and in some of these activities the water also participates in the chemical process. 

5.  Water serves as a mediating environment for transporting food materials. 

6.  They play a major role in regulating body heat. 

7.  They are the main lubricant in the joints. Have you been convinced? 

Hope so.

6 Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy


Here you have to make three decisions with the number three:

1. Make sure that each of your five meals includes the three food fathers. For example, in the afternoon you can eat carbohydrate-nutritious fruits that provide protein and nutritious oils.

2. Those who want to maintain their weight will eat up to three tablespoons of oil a day. But no less. You can convert a tablespoon of oil into a handful of walnuts, or a tablespoon of olives without kernels, or a quarter of avocado.

3. Be-sure to eat three servings of fruit each day - it does not fatten it is simply healthy.


 this is the hardest decision of all: try to have dinner no later than four hours before going to bed. Why? Because it's mostly good for digestion, and it's excellent for sleep quality.

6 Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy


It might surprise you, but think you should eat five meals a day. And refers to three main and large meals and two small meals. And don't forget to eat fruits and vegetables in five colors every day.

6 Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy

The tips courtesy of naturopathic and lecturer Go Health Town Team.


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