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Saturday, October 5, 2019

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Beauty is not a question of genes. With these care, fitness and psycho tricks, you're guaranteed to look great every day and feel the same way.

1. Smile

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Friendly we feel accepted and confirmed. Investigations also showed that people who look happy are considered more beautiful. Even your own brain switches to positive when we smile - even if we do not feel like it.

2. Refine Your Skin

Make-up optimizes the complexion invisibly and gives you the good feeling to look better. Others will judge that, studies show. Foundations with soft focus dip the face in soft light, those with new pigments that last long, provide a velvety touch.

3. Show Teeth

This is quite unaggressive meant: Let your teeth flash - white, well-groomed, with rosy gums. This signals youthful power, vital health and good genes. To keep it that way (or will) clean it regularly with a whitening toothpaste and go to dental hygiene twice a year or make an appointment for a whitening. The best whitening methods for the home have been tested here for you.

4. Keep Your Attitude

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Then you will certainly not be overlooked, whether you are 1.80 m or 1.59 m tall. Best basis: head up, shoulder blades together, slightly tense the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Because this is also a question of balance, more often do the yoga exercise "The tree": stand on one leg, press the sole of the other leg at knee height, palms facing each other in front of the chest. Imagine your head being pulled to the ceiling like a thread. Count to 10, then change the pillar.

5. The Optimal Hair Color

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Warm brown with red reflexes or dark brown with ashen note? Mostly fine nuances decide on whether your complexion blossoms visually, because your hair color stands well to face you. Hairdressers have many options to create this individual nuance. In the Paul Mitchell salons, for example, extra color ("color shots") are added to the color. Produces opaque or transparent shades, depending on the base coloration.

6. Pats

Have you ever consciously felt how you feel? Treat yourself to half an hour break with your favorite relaxing music and massage your legs, arms and the front of the body with a fragrant oil (e.g: "Huile Divine" by Caudalie, around 27 euros). In this self-massage you explore your body and learn to like it as it is, with its rough and soft sides. This activates self-awareness.

7. Always Stay Relaxed

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Hardened neck muscles, drooping shoulders, painful crosses - tensions affect the appearance more than you think, even make you feel jammed. Invigorating countermeasure: Those who jump regularly on the mini-trampoline, strengthens the abdominal and back muscles. This makes it immediately lively and in the long run less susceptible to further tension.

8. Hair Up!

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Updos look sexy and seductive, but also fit the image of a power woman. The difference is in the styling: Are soft strands around the face and neck curling, or do you impress with a correct impaction? Decide on the occasion and make sure that the look fits your mental day shape, then you look authentic. Always trendy, casual or accurate: banana, ponytail, chignon.

9. Everything On Rouge

A touch of color enchanted. The complexion immediately looks fresh and refreshed, the face shape is perfected. Modeling rule: Rouge, which is applied rather steeply, makes faces appear narrower, distributed diagonally to horizontally and widened optically. Attractiveness Plus: The higher the color accent is placed on the cheeks, the more interesting a face appears to us. (Rouge e.g: from Artdeco)

10. Celebrate Your Feelings

Movement, music, enjoyment, fragrance, sensual care or the commitment to things that are really important in life - each person has their own individual way to awaken in themselves positive feelings and feelings. If we allow them, show them and live them out, we seem alive and real. And best of all, your energy vibrations also radiate to other people - and come back to you as emotional feedback.

11. Perfectly Shaped Upper Arms

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Gentle muscles signal sportiness and energy. They happen almost casually if you do some daily push-ups or push yourself up and down with your forearms on the armrests of the office chair. The best exercises for defined upper arms can be found here. In addition, daily massage a firming care (for example, "His Fermes Mousse" by Jeanne Piaubert, 60 euros.) And: drink a lot!

12. Bodyguards For Dewy Skin

Attractiveness researchers know: A well-pigmented, rosy complexion is an indication of young skin (with freckles also having a young image). So that the Forever-young-look is not clouded by pigment shifts, think of sunscreen at a young age - not only in the summer. Day care and make-up should therefore have a minimum SPF of 15 (which also applies to the hand cream, by the way).

13. Individual Summer Look

That skin is brighter in winter than in summer, is no reason to run around as a pale appearance. Either use facial care with an integrated self-tanner (e.g: Clarins Self-Tanning Concentrate that you can mix with your usual facial care or, very subtly, mix Day Cream on the back of the hand with one or two drops of Make-up Concentrate (e.g: "Color to Mix" by Ruby stone, 30 euros) .The result is a complexion with tailor-made tint.

14. They Are Unique

If you emphasize that with a scent that not everyone wears, you will notice others as well. Take a look at "niche scents" (samples e.g: at ausliebezumduft.de). Or create your own by combining scents that complement each other. Example: the sensually-fresh cologne "Vanilla & Anise", around 95 euros, and the spicy "Grapefruit cologne" by Jo Malone (around 100 euros).

15. Sexy Hip Swing

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Do not be frustrated if your butt is too bulky, make the best of it like Marilyn Monroe - a sexy swinging gait. How to practice the hip swing: Loosely put down and describe with the hips 8 - 10 times in one, 10 times in the other direction. Enhances the sex appeal: consciously confronting one's feet while walking. Of course, it is more stunning in high heels than in flat ballerinas. Painless in high heels? Here are the best tips!

16. Show Cleavage

This is no longer reserved for evening performances, but also announced during the day. But then it is even more important that the skin is beautifully smooth and flawless. Care with evening primrose oil, yam root and hops extract strengthens the skin structure and strengthens the natural hold (e.g: "Breast Lifting Gel" by Umapuri, 48 Euro). Cleavage of terracotta powder over the décolleté or, in the evening, shimmer powder, charmingly overshadows any wrinkles.

17. The Hairstyle In Top Shape

Your hair signals who you are and how you are. Give them the best care and a top cut that suits your type and hair structure. Then the hair almost automatically falls into shape, time-consuming styling is not necessary. Waiting no longer than six weeks for a re-cut will make it easier for the hairdresser to "reproduce".

18. Enhance The Body Feeling

Stay in motion. Cycling, swimming, Nordic walking, yoga - the sport does not matter, the main thing, you have fun and stay on the ball. Tip: Especially in salsa and flamenco a great feeling for rhythm and body tension develops. You just feel great and get a completely different self-confidence - even beyond the dance floor.

19. Let Your Eyes Speak

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

An unspectacular emphasis on the eye contour is already enough to give the eyes more expression: a softly blurred dark brown kajallinie above (and below) and dark lashed eyelashes. Shower twice and emphasize the outer eyelashes, which deepens the look. Should he shine even more, powdering highlighter under the nachgestrichelten brows.

20. Emphasize Merits

Instead of quarreling with various beauty problems, it's better to take stock of your strengths. Brilliant teeth and beautifully curved lips with a sensational lipstick color effectively stage (e.g: "Rouge Diorific Diva" by Dior, around 40 euros) or a narrow waist and great legs proudly show and not veiled.

21. Shaken, Not Stressed

Totally tense and shaky from stress? Perched in front of the computer and tired? So you get the necessary rest and new energy for the next meeting: put down, inhale deeply twice through the nose and exhale even deeper. Then shake your whole body - arms, legs, hands, feet and throw everything away, which mentally annoys. Fidget until the tension disappears. Yawn heartily, and let's go!

22. Find Eye Contact

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

Three seconds decide whether you arrive at others or not. Use them for your own propaganda. Anyone who meets the look of his opposite friendly and open, looks sympathetic, credible and competent - useful in the job, conducive to flirting. Keep eye contact during the conversation, which shows interest and creates trust. If your look comes from radiant, skilfully made-up eyes, the more beautiful.

23. Stay Faithful

Your wild curly mane, your thin lips, your birthmark, your silhouette make you unmistakable. Stand by. Then, in the mass of countless other beauties, you will be perceived much more as a personality and stand-alone type than when you align their unit look.

24. Fall In Love Again

25 Latest Tips For Beauty To Live More Happy Life Than Earlier

(... also in your own husband). Put simply, if you are stuck in an unromantic become permanent relationship or as a single still has not met the dream man. Nevertheless, never give up hope. In any case, the beauty effect of love togetherness (and even a single fulfilled night of love) cannot be overlooked: the whole aura changes when one feels loved and desired. The eyes shine, the skin is rosy, the movements are relaxed and supple, and one goes much more confident through life. No partner in sight? "The most beautiful is a woman after sex and after the sauna," say the Finns. So there are alternatives.

25. Supple Finger Games

If you rarely wear nail polish, you know that once the nails are painted, you suddenly move your hands much more gracefully than usual. Especially when they are perfectly cared for. Treat them more often a professional manicure and (colored) high gloss (lacquer e.g: from Maybelline). Finger Mudras also promote the grace and strengthen, like the Prithivi Mudra, energy and self-confidence: slightly compress the crests of thumb and ring finger of both hands, fingers stretch. Hold for 5 to 10 minutes.